Obituary Letters for Friars of Sacred Heart Province

All praise be yours, my Lord,
through those who grant pardon for love of you;
through those who endure sickness and trial.
Happy are those who endure in peace,
By You, Most High, they will be crowned.
All praise be yours, my Lord, through Sister Death,
From whose embrace no mortal can escape.
Woe to those who die in mortal sin!
Happy those she finds doing your will!
The second death can do them no harm.
Praise and bless my Lord, and give him thanks
And serve him with great humility.


 TitleModified Date 
Br. Camillus Smith4/27/2023Download
Fr. Damien Dougherty1/31/2023Download
Fr. Andre Schludecker1/31/2023Download
Br. Harold DeGrave1/30/2023Download
Br. Thomas Eisenmenger, O.F.M.12/16/2022Download
Fr. Charles Gunti, O.F.M.10/5/2022Download
Br. Pauli Johnson, O.F.M.8/25/2022Download
Fr. Vince Elsen, O.F.M.8/25/2022Download
Fr. Vince Callahan, O.F.M.8/25/2022Download
Fr. James Hoffman, O.F.M.8/5/2022Download
Fr. Elric Sampson O.F.M.6/30/2022Download
Fr. William Cardy, O.F.M.1/25/2022Download
Fr. Robert Pawell, O.F.M.8/31/2021Download
Fr. Michael Luke Ubben, O.F.M.8/4/2021Download
Br. Daniel Piasecki7/19/2021Download
Fr. Albert Langheim 7/19/2021Download
Fr. George Musial3/30/2021Download
Br. Dan Piasecki, O.F.M.1/29/2021Download
Fr. Harry Speckman1/25/2021Download
Fr. Lambert Leykam1/21/2021Download
Fr. Kenneth Capalbo, O.F.M.8/26/2020Download
Frei Ricardo Duffy, O.F.M.8/25/2020Download
Bro. Herbert Rempe, O.F.M.5/12/2020Download
Fr. Andrew Buvala, O.F.M.4/14/2020Download
Fr. Venard Kommer, O.F.M.3/30/2020Download
Fr. Ildephonse Skorup, O.F.M.3/20/2020Download
Fr. John Rausch, O.F.M.2/10/2020Download
Fr. Peter Baptist Fritz, O.F.M.11/26/2019Download
Fr. Jonathan Foster, O.F.M.4/25/2019Download
Fr. James Kelly, O.F.M.3/21/2019Download
Fr. Leon Reuter, O.F.M.2/22/2019Download
Fr. Fred Radtke, O.F.M.1/10/2019Download
Fr. Method Wilson, O.F.M.12/26/2018Download
Fr. Christian Reuter, O.F.M.8/20/2018Download
Bro. Gordon Hayes, O.F.M.8/6/2018Download
Fr. Larry Nickels, O.F.M.8/1/2018Download
Fr. Walter Dolan, O.F.M.6/12/2018Download
Fr. Fred Schneider, O.F.M.4/19/2018Download
Fr. Richard Jeske, O.F.M.4/5/2018Download
Fr. Robert Leonhardt, O.F.M.4/5/2018Download
Fr. Sylvano Pera, O.F.M.3/28/2018Download
Bro. Patrick Shea, O.F.M.2/13/2018Download
Bro. Roch Pfeifer, O.F.M.1/6/2018Download
Fr. Louis Antl, O.F.M.11/10/2017Download
Fr. Austin Albers, O.F.M.7/3/2017Download
Fr. Charles Payne, O.F.M.5/31/2017Download
Fr. Eugene Michel, O.F.M.5/11/2017Download
Fr. Blane O"Neill, O.F.M.4/24/2017Download
Bro. Claver Boerner, O.F.M.4/1/2017Download
Fr. Larry Brummer, O.F.M.2/11/2017Download
Fr. Bernardine Hahn, O.F.M.2/8/2017Download
Fr. John Sullivan, O.F.M.2/5/2017Download
Fr. Benet Fonck, O.F.M.1/28/2017Download
Bro. Joseph Weithman, O.F.M.1/28/2017Download
Fr. Theodosius Schelich, O.F.M.12/31/2016Download
Fr. John Vaughn, O.F.M.10/10/2016Download
Fr. Nestor Windolph, O.F.M.9/12/2016Download
Fr. J. Michael Ewert, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download
Fr. James McManamon, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download
Fr. Miro Wiese, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download
Fr. James Perluzzi, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download
Brother Gregory Bumm, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download
Brother Joseph Middleton, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download
Brother Leon Beranek, O.F.M.9/6/2016Download