Friar's Personal Reflections on Their Experience of Creation, Justice, and Peace

Today's understanding of the Gospel is that Franciscan charism intrinsically includes evangelization and Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.  The SHP JPIC plan desired end is that the SHP JPIC Commission serves the guardians as JPIC animators, the guardians serve the friars and the friars serve the people as JPIC animators. The provincial council named the guardians as local community JPIC Animator. A yearly session is held at Leadership Conference on JPIC.  The JPIC commission is elected by the guardians. It is composed of seven friars, and they identified four dimensions to JPIC work: Educating, Serving, Advocating, and Empowering others to be JPIC Animators.

The SHP JPIC Commission discerned that the best way to demonstrate JPIC as intrinsic to the Gospel and an integral part of the Franciscan charism was to have friars share their personal experiences  of JPIC.

So a project was begun of inviting friars to reflect on their personal experiences of JPIC in Educating, Serving, Advocating, and Empowering others to be JPIC Animators which are then published in the SHP ATP.  We appreciate the partnership with the ATP.