OFM Rome and U.S. Links

Links to Franciscan documents, Vatican sources, and various Franciscan sources are listed below.  For links to the other Francisan provinces (OFM, OFM Cap, and OFM Conv) check the Newsletters page.  Links for the Secular Franciscans can be found on the OFS page.  Links are notoriously difficult to keep current; change is the constant in this area.  Your help in keeping them current is appreciated.  Contact the moderator of the website by going to "Contact Us" at the top (or bottom) of the page.

Franciscan Links:

1.     The Franciscan Archivea WWW resource for information about St. Francis and the Religious Life he was inspired by Christ to found.
2.     The Franciscan Intellectual Tradition
3.     Franciscans International - a voice at the United Nations
4.     Franciscan Action Network (FAN) - a grassroots organization amplifying the justice efforts of Franciscans and Franciscan-hearted people around the country.
5.     Franciscan Family Apostolate - alleviating poverty by providing financial help and resources to needy individuals and families.
6.     Franciscan Mission Service - preparing laity for two years of mission service.
7.     Amazon Relief Project - providing relief to the children and the poor of the Amazon Valley.
8.     Franciscan Pilgrimage Programs
9.     Franciscan Saints and Blesseds
10.   The National Shrine of St. Francis of Assisi
11.    The Little Flowers of St. Francis (read on line)
12.   St. Francis Pilgrimages
13.   The Franciscan Experience - a study course on the documents and the history of the Franciscan Order.
14.   Traditional Franciscan Calendar

Mt. Sinai
by Fr. Frank Folino, O.F.M.