Fr. Ed Shea greeting parishioners after Mass Fr. Glenn Phillips (L) and Provincial Minister Tom Nairn visit the St. Louis Poor Clares New Well, Mulenga, DRC (Africa) Several of our friars have worked with the friar students in Vietnam. Fr. Allan DaCorte, Padua Franciscan H.S., Parma, OH Friar Ed McKenzie hones a new skill--baking bread Solemn Profession, Friar Ed Tverdek Br. Tom Eisenmenger Prays for a Donor's Intention Fr. John Doctor, Quincy University, Quincy, IL Br. Edward-Marc Arambasich, Fire Department Chaplain Fr. Frank Kordek, Pastor, Hurley, WI Fr. Dat Hoang, Baptism at St. Anthony Church, St. Louis Fr. Rogelio Martinez Ruteaga, Mission San Jose, San Antonio, TX Blessing of Animals, St. Anthony Church, St. Louis Br. Tom Eaton teaches at Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic School (the only Catholic grade school in East St. Louis, IL) Br. Moises Gutierrez Rivas, doctoral candidate in cross-cultural studies with Br. Sam Nasada, OFM Bishop Fernand Cheri, OFM, imposes hands on Deacon Bob Barko Mission San Jose in San Antonio Mass at Our Lady of the Lake Church, Ashland, WI Fr. Jerry Bleem assists with Baptisms in Ugandan village of Ogboa, December 2018 Fr. Jesús Aguirre Garza while stationed in South Sudan St. Patrick Church, Kyokuk, Alaska Br. Tom Eaton, Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic School, East St. Louis, IL Cross in the Woods Shrine, Indian River, MI Fr. Tom Nairn teaching a class in Zimbabwe Villagers of Kienge watch as a new well is dug. (Democratic Republic of Congo) Alaskan Missionaries (L-R) R. Justin Huber, Joe Hemmer, Thinh Tran, Robert Joseph Ruzicka Fr. John Eaton teaching music at Sr. Thea Bowman Catholic School Christmas, St. John Church, Joliet, 2018 Sr. Connie Probst at the St. Anthony Food Pantry

Mission Statement

We Franciscans of the Sacred Heart Province profess and live the Gospel within the Catholic Church. Living in fraternity and walking with God's people, especially those marginalized by society, we are heralds of peace and ministers of reconciliation.

Vision Statement

We Franciscans of the Sacred Heart Province will create communities of prayer and shared life, living the Gospel in the spirit of Francis and Clare as our life and mission, enlivening ourselves and others, respecting the circumstances and cultures in which we find ourselves.


  1. Living a joyful life that is simple and itinerant.
  2. With reliance on God, deepening a spirit of prayer and devotion.
  3. Living together as fraternities in mission.
  4. In a spirit of collaboration, being brothers to all, especially the poor and those marginalized by society.
  5. Engendering respectful stewardship of God's creation and care for our common home.
  6. Serving the Church in the spirit of the Second Vatican Council.
  7. Recognizing the gifts all friars bring at each stage of their life.
  8. Lifelong formation in the Franciscan tradition.

Abstract Crozier 
Fr. Frank Folino, O.F.M.